IC Physical Design

IC Physical Design is an integrated circuit design circuit plan, the actual plan is a stage in the standard plan cycle that trails the circuit plan. This is trailed by the Fabrication or Manufacturing Process where plans are moved onto silicon passes on which are then bundled into ICs.

IC Physical Design

Capabilities of Physical Design

Teton upholds SOC plan from RTL to GDSII. Our customers trust us with their leading edge design, most complex and we surpass their assumptions in conveying plans that meet exceptionally severe necessities for power, area, and performance.

Summery of Capabilities

  • Complex clocking scheme: multisource, clock mesh
  • Virtual Flat,  flat, hierarchical, chip-assembly flow
  • Placement & routing
  • Physical verification
  • Parasitic extraction
  • Static timing analysis
  • Advanced STA (AOCV, MMMC,  POCV)
  • Multiple EDA tools support: Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys etc.
  • Multiple voltage design
  • EM / IR analysis
  •  Reliability and ESD analysis
  • Power verification
  • Formal verification

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