Mizanur Rahman Shameem Ph.D.

Vice President of Engineering, Systems

Dr. Rahman is one of the founders and VP of Engineering Systems of TETON Private Ltd. He is a successful entrepreneur and technologist and has served many high technology companies and few startups in different capacities at the heart of Silicon Valley, California for last 25 Years. Dr. Rahman secured 1st class first with academic distinction in ME from BUET. He earned his Ph.D from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Rahman Played a major role at Seagate Technology in the development of the new hydro bearing technology that was used in bearing design for 1st time in disk drive history which in turn enabled Seagate to hit the $13 billion global market ahead of industry rivals in 1998. He led the product development team at Qualcomm, Avogy, Western Digital and at Frore Systems. Shameem’s expertise includes leadership and management, R&D, technology/product development, reliability, MEMS, statistical data analysis and thermo-fluid and he holds 28 US and international patents.