SMC in Bangladesh

Teton Private Limited is providing all sorts of solutions for service oriented business and products. Being the best SMC in Bangladesh it eventually builds network between the company and supplier. Teton has the most professional SMC in Bangladesh. There are a lot of professionals working at Teton taking professional steps in supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management

One software for each & every businesses. 

  • POS
  • Stock Management
  • Inventory
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Consulting

The solution is useful for all kind of product and service oriented business such as  Fashion & Clothing, Departmental Stores, Medical, Footwear, Liquor, Sanitary, Hardware, Salon & Spa, Electronics & Home Appliances, Mobile & Digital Stores, Web & Hosting Agencies, Stationary, Repairing Shops, Restaurants and many more.

SCM in Bangladesh and USA

Teton is one of the nation’s top software companies decided to work on product lifecycle management, logistics, supply chain strategy, supply chain planning, supply chain enterprise applications, asset management, procurement and many more. Teton Private Limited is serving solutions for products and business around the world. Specially in Bangladesh and North America.


There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning failure. BILLY HERRINGTON

Feature Analysis

Business Management

  1. Multiple Business
  2. Multiple Store Fronts, Business Locations, Warehouses
  3. Set Time Zone, Currency, Financial Year, tax registration details, profit margin and many more.
  4. Developers and technical architects

Product Management

  1. Single & Variable Products
  2. Enable or Disable Stock Management
  3. Add Brands, Units, Tax Rates, Category, Group Taxes.
  4. Products with Expiry
  • Low Stock Alert & expiry alerts
  • Predefined SKU or Auto Generate SKU
  • IMEI/ Serial number, Lot number
  • Print Bar-code
  • Import product CSV


  1. Add, Delete, Edit, View, Print Purchase
  2. Purchase Return
  3. Paid, Credit and Partially Paid. Multiple payment options
  4. Taxes, Shipping, Discounts Charge

Sell and Pos Terminal

  1. Add, Delete, Edit, View, Print
  2. Paid, Credit and Partially paid sales
  3. Sales Return
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Suppliers & Customers

  1. Add contacts as Customer, Supplier or Both
  2. Pay Terms & payment alerts
  3. Details payment.
  4. Purchase and sell transactions

Staff, Salesperson, Cashier

  1. Advance user management module
  2. Permissions & Role
  3. Commission Agents
  4. Assign Business Location
  5. Predefined Roles
  6. Add cashier for business location
  7. Staff expense management and Salary

Staff, Salesperson, Cashier

  1. Powerful reports with filters & charts
  2. Profit & Loss report, Purchase & sell report, Stock reports, Cash registration report
  3. Salesperson report etc


  1. Short Message Service (SMS) & Email notifications
  2. Interactive Dashboard with overall shop details
  3. Stock Adjustments Expense management, Cash Register
  4. Fully Customize invoice layout, barcode settings
  5. Supports Barcode Scanner, Thermal Printer (POS/ ESC)
  6. Translation Ready, Detailed Documentation