Mizan Rahman Ph.D.

Managing Director and CEO

Mizan Rahman is one of the Founders and CEO of TETON Private Ltd. Dr. Mizan Rahman has 35 years of design and management experience from the Silicon Valley; specialized in Chip Design to full System Design. He brings Product Development and Engineering Management leadership to Ulkasemi. Mizan has extensive hands-on expertise on ASIC, SoC, PCB and System Design; worked with Fortune 100 global companies like HP, Sun and Cisco. He was awarded 20 US and international patents. He was co-founder of two successful startups: RMI (acquired by NetLogic) & SiSilk. Dr. Rahman is an active Stanford University alumni with a strong passion to help the poorest of the poor. He is the Chairman & CEO of philanthropic organization, RIJaKK.org. Mizan has BS EE, MS EE, Ph.D. EE and MS CS degrees.