Aliya Shafquat

Director & VP Engineering Silicon

Aliya Shafquat is one of the Founders and Director & VP Engineering Silicon of TETON Private Ltd. Aliya is the co-founder and CEO of Tahoe Private Limited. Tahoe is the first and only dedicated VLSI institute in Bangladesh with a goal to generate enough trained VLSI engineers, thereby transforming the VLSI sector into a multi-million dollar industry. She did her Bachelors from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology which paved the way for her love of technology and innovation. After completing her MS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, focusing on VLSI she joined Intel and worked 18 years on Design and Validation on complex multiprocessors. She is the Director of Azmat Group of industries and is currently serving as the President of Educational Charitable and Humanitarian Organization, a USA based non-profit organization. Her passion is to serve the underprivileged in any form and capacity.